Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How 2 Come to the UK Launched in Manila to Help Filipinos Find Work Abroad

How 2 Come to the UK - To Live Work Study or Visit, (a new book to help people legally enter the UK) was launched in The Philippines, on 6th January 2006 at Fully Booked Bookstore, Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati. The book was written to help people legally enter the UK and we hope to help thousands of Filipinos by making the book available in the Philippines.

The launch went very well and was attended by the POEA, Universities, Mayor Atienza of Manila, Mrs Angara (Senator Angara’s wife) Angelique Lazo, Channel 9 News, a string of leading journalists and a former Governor. Gene Alcantara, London Correspondent for ABSCBN, was also there to film the event for The Filipino Channel.

Authors, Charles Kelly and Cynthia Barker (a Filipina who now lives in London), are qualified Immigration Advisers who run a highly successful, 14,000 client, practice in London. Having helped thousands of people settle in the United Kingdom, Kelly and Barker share in-depth knowledge and wide experience in their easy-to-follow book: How 2 Come to the UK – To Live Work Study or Visit. The book explains in layman’s terms all aspects of the UK’s complex Immigration Law, including Work Permits, Family Settlement and Entry Clearance.

Cynthia Barker notes that, despite the many opportunities available to those who want to come to the UK: “There are still thousands of Filipinos who land in the Kingdom clueless about just where and how to start their new lives, ending up stranded, aimless, helpless and thousands of pounds in debt.”

Charles Kelly continues, “We wrote the book to give people the right information before they make an application to enter the UK. Avoiding doing the wrong things in the early stages is very important. And it’s not just nurses or caregivers who can find work, because the job market is pretty open. So long as you have the right skills and right knowledge for a job opportunity in the UK, you can get a work permit.”

Barker & Kelly wrote the book for “all the hardworking immigrants who arrive in the UK ‘with nothing to declare’ except their brains, talents, energy and the burning desire to succeed.”

The 150 guests, which included visitors from California and London, were wined and dined in style. One of the celebrity guests, leading writer and publisher, Bing Carrion-Buck, said, “the book launch was a major success and How 2 Come to the UK will help thousands of Filipinos”.

One of the most interesting comments came from leading Columnist, Belinda Olivares-Cunanan of the Inquirer who said that the book “teaches Filipinos to go legit, I told myself going abroad is a fact of our national life, so we might as well learn to do it the right and dignified way.”

Chiqui Roa of ANC, 24-hour news, also commented during the hour-long TV interview with Charles and Cynthia that the advice for anyone wishing to go to the UK is to “buy this book!”

The book is also available National Bookstores and Power Books in Manila or on line at www.how2cometotheuk.com