Thursday, June 30, 2016

UK Votes to Leave EU How will BREXIT affect you?

UK Votes to Leave EU
How will BREXIT affect you?
1 July 2016 

Last week 17 million UK citizens voted to leave the European Union in an historic BREXIT (Britain’s EU exit) referendum, which has sent shock waves around world markets. Since the unexpected result, Prime Minister David Cameron has announced his resignation and the favourite to replace him is the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

What does this mean for migrants already here or thinking of coming to live or work in the UK?

Mass immigration was one of the main reasons why millions of Britons voted to come out of the EU, so on the face of it things do not look good for migrants. 

On the other hand, Britain still needs skilled workers and a reduction in European immigration could open on the market for non-EU migrants with the right skills that the country needs.

Regardless of the EU vote, immigration rules have been tightening up for many years and life has become tougher for non-EU migrants. Yet despite six years of tighter immigration controls, UK net migration increased to around 350,000 last year, well above the government’s target to reduce this to the tens of thousands.

Britain is still a member of the European Union until such time as the formal process to leave completes. This ‘Article 50’ exit process, once started, will take at least two years, during which time the terms of ‘divorce’ will be thrashed out by EU leaders. This will, no doubt, include free movement rights for EU and EEA citizens in return for access to the single market.  

Meanwhile, thousands of students and workers, such as nurses and doctors, are already voting with their feet and opting for countries like Australia, Canada which offer an easier route to permanent residence and citizenship, while the UK imposes further hurdles for skilled working migrants.

We are in uncharted waters and nobody, including the government, knows how this will play out. We just have to keep doing what we always do, get on with our lives and look after our own internal economy.

Do you really a need to migrate?

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