Sunday, February 05, 2017

Immigration Act 2016 - main highlights in a nutshell

After writing about some of the effects of the far reaching 2016 Immigration Act (or Law) on migrants wishing to work in the UK on a working visa, I received many questions about other issues.

You can read the whole Act here at the website (you would be surprised at how many lawyer don’t even read the entire Act), but if the you prefer a brief summary, see below.

What are the main points of the Immigration Act 2016?

Companies or employers who employ illegal migrants face criminal charges and this could also apply to the worker.

Visa overstayers and migrants who do not have permission to be in the UK could have their bank accounts can be frozen and their driver’s license confiscated.

For the first time a landlord to knowingly renting a property to an illegal migrant will be committing a criminal offence and could go to jail for up to five years.

The Home Office ‘deport first, appeal later’ scheme will apply to all migrants, not just convicted criminals with no residency rights or to people the Secretary of State considered in the ‘public good’ to remove.

Even migrants lodging a human rights or asylum claim will soon be removed to their home country pending the outcome of their appeal against the decision to remove them, except where removal would cause them ‘serious, irreversible harm’.

The new Immigration Act will have serious consequences for visa overstayers, illegal immigrants and human right claimants. If in doubt, seek legal advice.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s (pictured above) temporary ban on migrants entering the U.S. from a number of Muslim countries and been overruled by a Judge. Trump said he will press ahead and press ahead with the executive order, which does not need approval by Congress.

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