Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cyprus, the fastest route to EU citizenship and European passports for you and your family

As people all over the world celebrate the Easter holidays, the ancient island of Cyprus comes to mind, which plays a part in early Christian history. The Apostles travelled to Cyprus and formed some of the earliest Christian churches in the region during the days of Roman Empire.

Two thousand years and several invading empires later, Cyprus is now a member of the European Union and Commonwealth, and is strategically placed to take advantage of economic growth in a growing region as it straddles Europe and the Middle East.

Cypriot EU Passport

Cyprus has recently been ranked the 5th best relocation destination in the world by an international lifestyle review (source: 2014 report prepared by Knight Frank, a leading independent, global real estate consultancy firm). Ranked by key business and leisure indicators, Cyprus was the only European country alongside Switzerland to make it into the top five – ahead of London, Madrid and Monaco. 

The Country is ranked highly because of its favourable tax regime for new residents, particularly high net worth individuals. And with at least 320 days of sunshine a year, and classified as the sunniest European location, you can enjoy an incredible lifestyle on this beautiful island in the sun.

EU citizenship and passport in 6 months, really?

Europe is established itself as the most sought after region in terms of high net worth immigration, accounting for over half of the total number of global citizenship applications, with the Caribbean in second place, followed by North America in third. Recent studies conducted by global immigration experts, ranked the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program among the “top ten best in the world”.

The Cypriot immigration policy and legal framework now enables non-EU applicants to obtain Cypriot citizenship on an expedited basis – fast. There are a number of reasons the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program is now considered to be the most attractive in Europe, including:

  • 6 months application process and approval granted within 2 to 3 months - the fastest route to EU Citizenship and European passport.
  • There is no requirement to make a donation to the local government, in contrast to many other citizenship programs worldwide.
  • Cyprus does not require applicants to live on the island prior, during or after the application process, unlike all other EU countries with citizenship programs that impose residency requirements.
  • Simple and straightforward application process with no requirements to disclose source of wealth or funds,
  • No medical testing, no interview, and no language requirements.
  • Approved by the EU (being one of only two CBI programs in Europe with official EU approval).

Since 2013, there have been over 2,000 successful CBI applicants under the Cypriot program, generating more than €3 billion in investment.

So what’s the catch? No catch as such, the rules are clear and fair. You just have to invest at least 2 million Euros in Cyprus to qualify. The country wants to attract high net worth investors in exchange for EU citizenship - a passport to a region of 300 million people. However, unlike many other EU citizenship schemes, the rules are flexible and the process is super quick - you could be holding a red EU passport in six months.

I have been researching EU passport schemes for years, but never found anything as easy, fast and flexible as the Cyprus investor programme. I have also found a company that can not only take care of all the paperwork, but will also source the qualifying real estate investment for you.

This is an investor programme, not a skilled worker or student scheme, sorry, seriously loaded investors only need apply.

If you would like full details on how you can legally obtain an EU passport in around six months, email me,

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