Friday, June 25, 2010

UK Border Agency bust sham marriage – six arrests

The UK Border Agency reports that a bride and groom together with four wedding guests were arrested as part of an investigation into a suspected sham marriage.

Acting on intelligence, officers from the UK Border Agency's north west immigration crime team targeted Manchester Register Office at around midday, as the service was about to start.

The would be bride, a Nigerian national, and her groom, a Czech male were both arrested for conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. Two marriage witnesses, both Nigerian were also arrested along with two other Nigerian wedding guests on suspicion of assisting illegal immigration. All six are now being questioned by police and immigration officers.

In a follow up operation the UK Border Agency crime team conducted searches at four addresses in Manchester and one in Liverpool.

Dave Magrath, Head of the UK Border Agency immigration crime team in the north-west, said:

'We are committed to tackling sham marriages and take action against those who try to falsify marriages in order to gain entry to the UK.

'We have specialist teams of immigration officers and police working o investigate cases just like this and ensuring people are not able to benefit from breaking the UK's immigration laws.' Source: UK Border Agency

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