Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early day motion by MP's in support of doomed Refugee Migrant Justice (RMJ) group

The JCWI has called for members to write to their MP's to ask for support for the Early Day Motion to save the RMJ.

The JCWI press release in full

Please send over a quick e mail to your MP to support the save RMJ campaign and ask them to out their name to Early Day Motion 191 tabled by Caroline Lucas MP. This appears below

Early Day Motion - EDM 191



Lucas, Caroline

That this House notes that the legal advice charity Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ) is in danger of closing because it is facing a cash crisis because a large proportion of legal aid work is now paid upon completion, meaning payment can take anything up to two years; further notes that as a result the charity has a £1.8 million backlog of payments; further notes that senior legal and human rights experts, faith leaders including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Citizens Advice, Liberty and Mind all back the campaign to rescue the legal advice charity from the cash crisis that is not of their own making; is aware that RMJ is not asking for new money but simply prompt payment of legal aid by the Legal Services Commission, or failing that, interest-free loans by the Government to cover the gap; and calls for the legal aid payment system to be changed to ensure charities are paid promptly for their work.

Signatures( 32)

Lucas, Caroline
Durkan, Mark
Edwards, Jonathan
George, Andrew
Meale, Alan
Hemming, John
Bottomley, Peter
Corbyn, Jeremy
Cunningham, Jim
Dobbin, Jim
Leech, John
Williams, Stephen
Russell, Bob
Mactaggart, Fiona
Cryer, John
Alexander, Heidi
Huppert, Julian
Reeves, Rachel
Mordaunt, Penny
Sanders, Adrian
Jackson, Glenda
Lazarowicz, Mark
Davidson, Ian
Hancock, Mike
Betts, Clive
Crockart, Mike
Blomfield, Paul
Wright, Simon
Illsley, Eric
Kaufman, Gerald
Abbott, Diane
McCarthy, Kerry
Yesterday the JCWI called on members and lawyers to stage a second demonstration in London.

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