Monday, August 17, 2015

Petition to rescue 30,000 nurses being kicked out of Britain under New Immigration Laws

An online petition, set up by Jac Berry, to prevent up to a 30,000 nurses being forced out of the UK under new Home Office Immigration Rules, has received over 56,000 signatures.

New Immigration Rules being introduced will threaten the UK status of thousands of non-EU nurses, recruited since 2011 from outside the EU, who earn less than £35,000 a year after six years.

Affected nurses citizens will be sent back to their country of origin, depriving them and their families of their livelihood and the NHS of their nursing services.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said the Home Office action will cause chaos in the NHS, which ironically is currently recruiting nurses in the Philippines.

The online petition explains that the new law would leave NHS hospitals with a critical shortage of nurses, and could have a serious effect on care provided to an aging population especially when combined with social care cuts.

As many as 30,000 nurses currently working in the UK could potentially be affected as early as April 2017 when the rules starts to bite.

The NHS has thousands of job vacancies at a time when thousands of nurses are retiring or leaving the country for higher paid nursing jobs in America, Australia and the Middle East.

We are recruiting EU and non-EU nurses for the NHS, which has a severe shortage of nursing and medical staff. My advice to nurses working in the UK and potentially affected by the new law is firstly sign the petition and secondly remember that with your UK experience you will be highly appreciated in The USA, Middle East and Australia.

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