Thursday, August 04, 2016

Half a million EU migrants may be forced to leave UK post Brexit think tank claims

Half a million migrants from the EU, could be forced to leave Britain following the Brexit completion process, according to Laura Hughes, Political Correspondent for The Telegraph.

In a study by the Social Market Foundation (SMF) it was revealed that 590,000 EU nationals living in the UK may not meet strict residency requirements in order to automatically qualify for the indefinite leave to remain, assuming Article 50 is triggered next year and Britain leaves the EU by 2019.

There are over 3.5 million EU citizens currently living in the UK – three times the population of Birmingham, Britain’s second largest City and half of London’s population – but more than 80% should retain the right to remain in the UK having resided here for five. 

There are unconfirmed reports of a leap in applications for British Citizenship following the Brexit vote in June, as nervous EU migrants rush to secure their stay in the UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure to deliver the Brexit will of 17 million voters, and many on the right of the party want EU citizens lose their free movement rights to live in the UK. Mrs May has previously reassured 800,000 Poles living in the UK that she “wants and expects” them to remain in the country after Brexit.

According to SMF figures, 3.55 million EU citizens are resident in the UK, with 1,660,000 coming from the so-called EU14, those countries that were part of the EU before 2004. The remaining 1.5 million come from the eight Eastern European nations that joined 12 years ago.

Many Bulgarians, Romanians and Croatians, who joined after 2007, could miss the cut, having already been subjected to seven year restrictions on working in the UK after becoming EU citizens. Croatia is the newest member of the EU, but its citizens face an uphill struggle to exercise free movement of labour rights in many EU partner countries, including the UK. See Update for Croatians who want to work or study in the UK

More clarity will come once the negotiations begin with these countries and the EU as a whole.

Despite the fact that the UK hardly ever features in the top 10 lists of best places to live, everybody seems to want to live here! Half a million EU citizens are not going to leave the UK, unless they have better prospects and living conditions in their own country, even if they do not qualify for a UK passport.

There are an estimated million migrants living in the UK illegally who are not budging despite the best efforts of the Home Office to find and deport them, so the idea that the government is going to have the will to force 500,000 EU citizens to leave is pie in the sky.

Much of the UK's vital services, such as the NHS, could not operate without immigrant workers, although anti-immigration organisations like Migration Watch would argue that we would not need so many nurses and doctors if the migrant population fell.

Millions of UK citizens live in other EU countries, such as France and Spain, most of whom are retired, own their own properties and not dependent on local jobs. 

It is extremely unlikely that even the most arrogant French politician would want to expel hundreds of thousands of Brits, who contribute to their flagging economy and help prop up the French housing market.

Conflicting reports and predictions from so-called experts are emerging about the effects of Brexit on the UK economy. In the meantime, life goes on and the falling pound has attracted more UK visitors and investors.

The Bank of England voted to cut base interest rates from .5 to .25% today, and pump more money into the economy by quantitative easing - printing money to you and me!

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Michael Nutting said...

This country has got a bee in its bonnet about immigration, yet we see millions coming from the middle east, and north Africa and there are no complaints about these, only the EU migrants, why pick on these? this is very unfair if you are going to pick on immigration then it should be the whole not just one group. The whole Briexit was a giant step in the direction of backwards, prior to joining in the seventies the UK had enormous issues with exporting to Europe because of taxes and the requirement of export licenses depending on where the export was going, it seems they want that again, and it will happen, under EU rules there is no free trade without free movement which is the idea of a free market, this is a good thing leaving will be a catastrophe for all, as there will be no good deal for the UK, what was promised by the exit idiots can never be fulfilled. The writer has exercised the right to live and work in another EU state and enjoyed it immensely and would return there tomorrow if circumstances change in the UK dramatically as life away from the UK is unfortunately a lot better than in it. A good example the writer was driving from Newcastle to Liverpool last Monday, stopped at a service area for lunch and was horrified at the lack of selection, all the service areas were in the main fast food junk and if there was a place to have a proper meal that was not very appetising, the meal was served by a person who had a very bad attitude, the meal was well below the standard within Europe and the price was double for something possibly a dog would turn its nose up at. In Europe the prices are far less, the standard is far higher, the selection far greater and the service is with a smile. The attitude to work in the UK is a could not give a dam just wait for the money every month, this is not a very good attitude and it is one that the writer sees more and more here. Then the people of the UK blame the EU migrants for taking their jobs, well the British citizens don't do the jobs the EU migrants tend to do, because they are low paid and the British citizen would loose their benefits if it were above the minimum, so they say they cannot afford to work, then if the EU migrant can work get the same low pay, rent a house and still send money home then why cannot the British citizen do the same? They won't because they are in some ways too lazy, then this boils down to the system in place in the UK welfare, this is a good thing, however it is not a life long situation and when it becomes one then it must stop, The blame on the EU migrant for coming as a benefit migrant is by far over stated, under EU rules there are no benefits to citizens of other states at least for six months, they must be working within the six months after arrival and paying into the host states coffers, then after six months only minimum benefits are allowed, this works both ways however by the exit people they paint a different picture. In the end I fear it will be a tit for tat thing and there will be many UK citizens forced to return to the UK, then the present government may not survive, the writer for one will return to Europe and never set foot in the UK again and this will possibly be the attitude of many.

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