Monday, August 15, 2016

Is this the end of the EU?

The EU is in turmoil following Brexit vote

French and Italian leaders plot against Merkel to force end German austerity measures

UK could deport 500,000 non-qualifying EU citizen migrants

Could this be the start of a EU meltdown?

Leaders of several EU nations have ‘had  enough’ of Chancellor Angela Merkel and German domination. Could this be the trigger that sets in motion the breakup of the European Union as we know it?

Greek, Spanish, Italian and even French leaders are plotting to take more control of the budget from Germany, the most powerful European nation, in a bid to end tough austerity measures in Southern Europe.

Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy are suffering from poor economies and mass unemployment, which is one of the reasons why the UK had over 180,000 migrants from the EU last year. However, France has been a strong German ally even though its economy has been sluggish for years.

The UK has jobs. For instance, NHS has recruited thousands of Spanish and Portuguese Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare Assistants, and London’s bars and restaurants are full of EU workers. Hospitals are now recruiting non-EU Nurses from the Philippines to fill thousands of NHS vacancies.

European nations, along with the German people, are not happy with Merkel’s open door immigration asylum policy. Merkel’s open invitation caused the mass migration of millions of refugees desperately marching across Europe and dying in rafts on the Mediterranean last year.

The revolt against Germany, coupled with the UK Brexit vote, could lead to a collapse of the current EU format where richer countries prop up ailing economies which mismanage their money and produce little of value other than tourism and agricultural produce.

A new report last week warned that half a million migrants from the EU, could be forced to leave Britain following the Brexit process, sending a shiver of fear down the spines of European and non-EU partner migrants hoping to settle in the UK or exercise free movement rights under EEA regulations.

The immigration Ponzi scheme

The Germans actually need immigrants to boost their low birth-rate population and import younger workers to pay taxes, which support millions of state funded pensioners. In effect, they are mirroring a Ponzi scheme by paying pensions with new money from workers who will also qualify for state pensions in a few years time.

Fraudster Bernie Madoff

A Ponzi scheme is an illegal, fraudulent investment operation where the operator pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to them by new investors, rather than from profit earned from the investments. The scheme, named after the 1920’s fraudster Charles Ponzi, attracts investors by offering high than average returns.

People, it seems have short memories. More recently, the stockbroker Bernie Madoff ran the same Ponzi attracting billions of pounds from the public and celebrity investors before his arrest and subsequent life sentence 2008.   

Other EU countries, including Britain, have similar ‘pension time bombs’ with a falling number of people in work directly funding a growing number of retired people who are living far longer than was expected when state pensions were conceived after the war.

By the time younger taxpayers reach retirement age there will be little left in the pot for them, and private sector employers are no longer providing the blue chip final salary pension schemes the previous generation enjoyed.

Today’s generation will be forced to make their own way in life or work until they drop, and there will be no more ‘jobs for life’. As the famous investor Warren Buffet put it, “If you do not have passive income, you will work until you die”.

People will have to change occupations and retrain several times during their careers, as well as developing a more entrepreneurial mindset. Some may turn to additional part-time work or home-based businesses, such as online marketing, MLM or network marketing to earn extra cash.

Fortunately, the internet has opened up a new world of learning, working, socialising and doing business. We no longer need to go back to school or university to learn new skills. We can work from home, start a business or find a new life partner all from the comfort of our home.

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