Wednesday, September 07, 2016

No points based system for EU migrants says PM as plans unveiled for £1.9 million wall at Calais

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has ruled out introducing an Australian-style system to cut migration, one of the key promises of the ‘out’ campaign in the June Brexit referendum.

Actually, Britain already has a version of the Aussie-style points-based system introduced in 2008 as the answer to Home Office prayers, at a cost of several billion pounds, by the outgoing Labour government.

The five-tier points system has since been watered down by the Cameron government (under which Mrs May served as Home Secretary) in a bid to get immigration under control and slash net migration to the ‘tens of thousands’.

The points system suits Australia, which needs to attract migrants and has a twice the immigration rate as a proportion of its population than Britain. The Aussie points system, similar to the Canadian immigration programme, were designed to allow workers to move to Australia before they found jobs.

Only Tier 1 of the British or the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, now abolished, allowed this kind of migrant for non-EU citizens. The vast majority of people migrating to the UK did so under the work permit (Tier 2) or on a Tier 4 student visa.

If you have job offer in Australia which fits their requirements, you can migrate there on work visas. Others can apply for entry to come and look for work if they get enough points on the basis of age, education and so on.

Although open for skilled immigrants and students, Australia has an extremely tough system for dealing with refugees and asylum seekers who are sent back to their countries of origin before their claims are assessed or shipped offshore detention centres, such as the island of Nauru.

Think tanks and organisations like Migration Watch, are calling for vastly reduced UK migration levels from Europe and a work permit system for EU migrants, which they claim will reduce net migration by 100,000.

In the meantime, the UK government wants to build a massive multi-million pound wall around the port of Calais in France to stop illegal immigration through the channel tunnel.

Unfortunately, migrants are being exploited by traffickers who charge them thousands of dollars to smuggle them into the UK illegally on the back of a lorry or in an unsafe boat. Many of these victim end up in Calais.   

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