Monday, September 26, 2016

Voluntary Returns Service offers illegal immigrants and overstayers free flights, amnesty and way out of UK

Illegal immigrants can take advantage of an incentive scheme to leave Britain under packages, including free flights, money to start up businesses and help with finding schools for their children.

The Home Office offers failed asylum seekers and those who overstay their visa an amnesty from arrest if they attend meetings to discuss their return.

Anyone who leaves voluntarily could be allowed back into the UK in as little as two years, while those who are arrested and deported face a 10 year ban.

The Daily Mail reports that a senior immigration official has appeared on a spiritual guru’s TV show to promote the Voluntary Returns Scheme. 

Richard Lederle, leader of the South-East England immigration compliance and enforcement team, recently appeared on a cable TV show called Spiritual Live to advertise the Home Office’s new stance.

He told guru Shri RajRajeshwar Guruji: ‘We’ve changed the approach over the past six to 12 months, where we are running these surgeries within the communities to give this free advice to those who find themselves in an increasingly difficult situation and here illegally.

‘What you get with the Voluntary Returns Service is a more tailored, bespoke package specific to the individual needs of that case. That would include potential medical assistance, certainly if there’s family, and in terms of potential reintegration, we’re looking at education costs, possible work placements on return to country of origin.’

Mr Lederle added: ‘There has to be a benefit. If you’re returned through the enforced route, you face almost inevitably a ten-year return ban. The benefits could be a reduction to as little as two years. You can talk face-to-face without fear of being arrested. Let’s be absolutely clear on that point, if they are willing to turn up to those surgeries, they will not be arrested.’

While some critics argue that the generous terms of the Voluntary Returns Scheme is a bribe that sends out the message that it is acceptable to be in the UK illegally, the Home Office has little choice but to offer incentives to the estimate 1 million visa overstayers and illegal immigrants currently living in the UK. Human rights appeals can add hundreds of thousands of pounds and even millions to the final bill.

It costs the taxpayer an average of £10,000 to find and deport an illegal immigrant according to the think tank, ippr, which a few years ago estimated that it will cost £5 billion and 20 years to deport 500,000 overstayers.

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