Saturday, July 03, 2010

Canada immigration growing

Canada is in a unique position within the main countries to which people choose to emigrate, as they possess the world's most positive attitude to immigration.

It would be fair to say that this approach is not mirrored anywhere else in the world. 'Immigration Canada' is constantly updating policy to accommodate new issues and new problems that arise due to migrating workers.

These policy changes or introductions include:
  • initiatives to build new housing developments specifically for migrant workers
  • rule changes to best address the countries need for skilled workers
  • free language courses for those that do not possess English as their first language
As such Canada's drive for migrant workers has seen the economy grow inline with the numbers that they allow to settle in the country. Some cities in Canada are made up of over half foreign-born nationals.

Canada currently has a quota of 265,000 immigrants a year, which is unlikely to be lowered in the next 10 years.

This means that the Canada of today is vastly different to 20-years ago, and one could even go as far as to say it is vastly different to countries around the world.

No other country has such a fair and even policy or attitude. Reports about cities such as Toronto and Quebec constantly cite the multi-cultural feel of the areas as one of the over-riding factors people come away with. This is the result of those migrating to Canada and making it their home.

The largest ethnic groups resettling in Canada are the Chinese and Indian communities. These groups are culturally very hard-working and see the lifestyle and options Canada offers as immensely enriching.

Canada also offers a number of world beating public services that you would be hard-pressed to match anywhere else:
  • Free public healthcare
  • Free education
  • Excellent transport links
These services re-enforce the belief that Canada is among the world's top 5 countries to live, while supporting the main pull factor of a blossoming and productive job market.

Most people emigrating to Canada rarely regret their decision, as they regard it as the best choice they ever made. It sometimes seems like the 'world wants to be Canadian'!

More interesting is the fact the people that talking to those who live live there you will be hard-pressed to find a Canadian that has moved away from the country permanently.

Canada offers a wealth of benefits and continues to attract those wishing to forge a new life abroad. Source: James P Lewis

In the UK, where the he new coalition government has pledged to cut immigration and impose a cap on non-EU immigration, thousands of people are seeking greener opportunities in countries like Canada, USA and Australia.

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