Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Prime Minister Theresa May revises UK net migration target

So much has happened since The UK voted to leave the EU in the June referendum BREXIT that it’s difficult to know where to start. David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister and has been replaced by a woman, Mrs Theresa May - only the second time we've had a female leader since Margaret Thatcher in the 70’ and 80’s! Boris Johnson is the new Foreign Secretary and we have a new Home Secretary, Amber Rudd – a direct descendant of King Charles II and his mistress, Barbara Palmer.

Amber Rudd, who appeared in the movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral, has a fascinating ‘blue blood’ lineage. King Charles acknowledged five of Palmer’s children as his, including Ms Rudd’s ancestor Anne – and Henry FitzRoy, whose descendants include the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and therefore Princes William and Harry too. Other descendants of Palmer include Sarah, Duchess of York, the Mitford sisters, philosopher Bertrand Russell and former Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden.

Amber Rudd MP, Home Secretary

Photo By Government of UK -, OGL 3,

Theresa May was Home Secretary, in charge of the Home Office, during the Cameron governments when the coalition government introduced a target to slash net migration to the tens of thousands. Last year net migration was over 350,000 and one of the first things Theresa May did when she moved into 10 Downing Street was to quietly revise this seemingly unreachable target. The target is now for sustainable levels of net migration.

During her long reign as Home Secretary, Mrs May dramatically reduced immigration from outside of the European Union, which, unlike EU migration, she could control. Thousands of colleges were close down and tens of thousands of students lost their sponsorship and returned home.

There are still thousands of student visa overstayers, who could not afford to go back home after failing to obtain a working visa to stay in the UK.

Tough new rules were introduced on marriage and family migration, visa appeals, work permits, indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship, where work permit holders will in future need to earn at least £35,000. The figure, seen as discriminatory by migrant groups, is higher than the UK national average salary and had led to an online petition calling to end to the rule.

Overseas trained international Nurses will be exempt only as long as they remain on the official shortage occupation list, but other work permit holders could face deportation if they fail to make the grade. However, £35,000 is achievable by Nurses, Doctors and Managers. I have met Nurses earning over £50,000 five years ago.  

Student Nurses are finding it difficult to convert to a work permit from their visas as band 3 Nurses. Every week I receive enquiries from distressed nurses who have a UK degree but cannot quite get the required IELTS result, or have lost their visas because the Home Office has cancelled their employer’s Tier 2 sponsorship.

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