Thursday, July 21, 2016

Update for Croatians who want to work or study in the UK

Croatian nationals are still confused about the rules and regulations when it comes to working or studying in the UK. After all, they are members of the European union but do not have complete 'free movement of labour' rights in many EU countries.

The seven-year restriction, which was also applied to Romanians and Bulgarians when they joined the EU, means that whilst they are free to enter Britain without a Visa and set up a business or study, they cannot take a job on an employed basis without permission from the Home Office. 

There are jobs available under permits, sometimes called purple cards, which are detailed on the Home Office website. For instance, you can quite easily obtain a work permit as a Nurse working for the NHS, as there is a shortage of nurses in the UK. But you will not get a work permit for a lower skilled job, such as a care worker or waiter in a restaurant.

The rule was introduced to regulate migration from newly joining countries from Eastern Europe following the unexpected mess migration from countries like Poland after the first expansion in 2004. At this time, nations like Germany France and Spain applied similar restrictions, which led to millions of migrants going to the UK Ireland and Sweden.

Britain's population has swelled by over 2 million since the EU you expansion, which has ultimately resulted in a majority 'out' vote during last months EU referendum, despite warnings of the economic perils of going it alone.

In terms of the rules for Croatian integration, nothing has changed or will change for the next two to three years. However, in recent months before the Brexit vote, the process was not becoming any easier.

If you arrive in the UK from Croatia expecting to walk into a job you will be disappointed, and without income you could run out of money very quickly.

Firstly, any legitimate employer will asked to see a national insurance number. Obtaining an N I number is not easy, Even if you were setting up a business here and legally working on a self-employed basis.

Secondly, if you want to work on a self-employed basis you will be restricted to a small number of occupations and agencies, for instance cleaning companies. If you are planning to go down this route, you should line up at a job before you travel, as it is expensive to live in the UK and you will quickly run out of funds without a job.

Finally, the popular student route is still available but the waiting time to obtain a yellow permit card, as well as paying fees to a college, has deterred people. The rules have not changed, but the guidance seems to have tightened up based on recent decisions. Postal applications are taking several months and it is extremely difficult to get an appointment for the same day service.

It goes without saying that you need to think very carefully about travelling to a country without a job or detailed knowledge of the rules.

Fortunately, the Internet and multi-billion dollar digital economy has given people the opportunity to earn money without travelling across borders or applying for visas.

Anyone can now set up a home based Internet business working from home or selling goods online. Companies like Amazon, eBay and Upwork offer everyone an opportunity to earn a living and even make a fortune working from home and living the laptop lifestyle.

I have been working online for over 10 years and it has never been as easy as it is right now to set up an online business I work from home. In the past, you needed a lots of technical knowledge and skills to set up websites and marketing ability to work online. Now there are companies which doodle for you.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of learning, working, socialising and doing business. We no longer need to go back to school or university to learn new skills. We can work from home, start a business or find a new life partner all from the comfort of our home.

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ZC said...

Can you do remote/laptop based jobs in the UK as a Croatian? Would you need to apply for a visa and which visa would that fall under?

UK Immigration Matters said...

You may not need a visa or permit to work remotely. If you have a UK employer who can sponsor you for a UK work permit, that's great, but there are so many things you can do from home on your laptop.

Ana Pongrac said...

As per applying for jobs while still a full-time postgraduate student at a UK university, would you advise against even applying prior to actually receiving the blue certificate (form CR(2))? Apparently, Croatian nationals still require this in order to be eligible for employment. Thanks in advance!

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